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  2. Geraldine


What mentors or teachers do/did you follow?
Buddha, Patanjali, Kishor Chandra,, Dharma Mitrra,  Jared McCann, ,Vicky Lobos.

Where did you study?

At the Bhakti Center, NYC.

What styles have you practiced / trained in?

Mainly vinyasa and ashtanga.

Book or movie recommendations?

Books: Just kids by Patti Smith, Doors of Perception by Aldoux Huxley00, 100 Años de Soledad by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Born a Crime by Trevor Noah, Light on Life by Iyengar, Living Buddha Living Christ by Thich Nhat Hanh.

Movies: Only Lovers Left Alive, 12 Angry Men, Howl’s Moving Castle, Baraka, Underground, The Big Blue, Mad Max, Farinelli , 12 monkeys, so many… 

What hobbies do you enjoy most? 

Anything that involves water, contemplating nature, music, dancing.