Baby Cobra’s mission is to create an accessible space for the Brooklyn community to learn, exercise and grow together through yoga and music.  We seek to bring joy and peace through the practice of mindfulness. We offer mainly vinyasa style classes but we will continue to expand our offerings as we grow.  We are open to combining and experimenting with movement, music and meditation.

All classes are entirely donation based; the suggested donation is $10-20 via cash, cards or Venmo.  Special events such as sound baths and workshops are not donation based and will require tickets in order support the additional costs.

There is no need to sign up beforehand for class; please arrive at least ten minutes before class time and bring comfortable clothes that you can move freely in.  If it’s your first time, please arrive twenty minutes early so you have time to sign the waiver.


How much should I pay for a class?

In the neighborhood the average drop in yoga class is $25.  With enough attendance, we think we can make a $10.00 drop in average work. 

Here’s a rule of thumb based on your yearly income:

$10k-$29k: $5-10
$30k – $59k: $10-15 
$60k – $99k: $15-25
$100k and up: $25+

Obviously this doesn’t include children, debt, etc, nor does it account for the frequency in which you attend.  Give what feels right to you.  

Do you have mats?
We have mats, straps, blocks and blankets. Currently we are not charging for their rental.

What about COVID?
We are at this time mandated by the city to require vaccination cards for entry.
Once you have filled out a waiver and showed us your proof of vaccination you won’t need to bring it again.
We will be relying on the community to clean mats, props and blocks after use.
You may wish to clean props before using as well or even bring your own props. 
Attending the studio and using props is done at your own risk.

Contact Info
@baby.cobra.yoga on Instagram

Baby Cobra Yoga
47 Thames St #206
Brooklyn, NY 11237