Baby Cobra was founded in Bushwick in 2021 as a response to seeing our favorite yoga studios close down during the pandemic.  Our mission is to keep yoga accessible, introduce yoga to new faces and create a community based around compassion and self-improvement.

Baby Cobra has two studio locations: Williamsburg at 108 Bayard St and Bushwick at 47 Thames St #206.

Baby Cobra does not adhere to any one traditional style or philosophy of yoga; our teachers pull from their individual influences and teach what they personally believe.  We do not believe that yoga is “the way” or “the truth,” it is simply ONE WAY to relieve stress 😌, build strength 💪, quiet the mind 🧘🏿, increase flexibility 💃🏽 and balance ⚖️. It is an incredibly EFFICIENT practice, because it can do all of those things in 60 mins or less, or you’re money back! 😝

The studio space itself is a sanctuary.  A place where compassion ❤️ for ourselves and others is actively practiced. A place where everyone is welcome as long as their shoes are off. Where movement evokes emotion; a place where tears are cried, sweat is dropped and our old selves are shed. So when you arrive at the studio, be open and ready to put in the work; you might find that your best self can get even better.

We view yoga as a physical AND spiritual practice. While we mostly focus on the physical postures, teachers will incorporate spirituality in varying degrees.  They may sing an old Hindu prayer, talk about the 8 limbs of yoga, or even use the word GOD 😱!!! Keep an open mind; take what you want and leave what you don’t. Ultimate, your spirituality is just that, YOURS, and we invite you to bring it to the mat. No one will mind that you pray to the god of thriving house plants 🪴.

In order to keep costs low for everyone, we are a no frills yoga studio. You are expected to clean your own mat and wash any dish that you use.

We do not have a receptionist, so if you arrive more than 20 minutes early the teacher may not be there to let you into the studio.  If the teacher is stuck in traffic or an emergency, no one will be there to let the class in.  Please be patient and message us on Instagram or email manager@bbcobra.com if the teacher is not present.