How do I attend a class?
Find a class on the schedule and arrive before class starts!  We don’t take reservations.  Donate when you arrive via cash, card or Venmo.  Remember to wear clothing that you can reach the full range of your motion in.

What do the emojis mean on the schedule?
🌶️ = Class requires more effort
🎟️ = Class is not donation based, requires ticket purchase
🐶  = Instructor typically brings their dog to class.

What if the class is too full?
It’s very very rare that we have to turn away someone who arrived on time because the class is full.  If you arrive 15-20 minutes early you’ll definitely make it.  The 7 / 7:30 PM classes are our busiest.  We try to keep about a foot of space between mats in our busiest classes. If you’d like more space, come to our earlier classes!

What do you provide?
We provide mats, straps, blocks and mat spray free of charge. We have a bathroom, place to change and clean water.

How do I get there?
WILLAMSBURG: 108 Bayard St. Equidistant from the Lorimer and Graham L / G stops. Across from the public school; ring the doorbell and head upstairs.

BUSHWICK: 47 Thames St right by the Morgan L stop. The entrance is on the right side of the building, 47 Thames St.  Buzz #206 and walk up to the second floor. For the 7 PM class, buzz #203 instead.

How much should I donate for a class?
In the neighborhood the average drop in yoga class is $25+. With enough attendance, we think we can make a $10 drop in average work.

Here’s a rule of thumb based on your yearly income:

$10k-$29k: $5-10
$30k – $59k: $10-15
$60k – $99k: $15-25
$100k and up: $25+

Obviously this doesn’t include children, debt, etc, nor does it account for the frequency in which you attend.  Give what feels right to you.

What’s your Late Policy?
The only guaranteed way to attend class is to arrive before class start time. If you arrive a few minutes late and find the door locked, you can try waiting five to ten minutes for the intro meditation / breathwork to be over.  The teacher will unlock the door if there is space.  If you are entering a class late, be as prepared as possible (shoes and outerwear off) to enter the space quickly and quietly. If you are attending an evening weekday class, the class may be too full.

Do you offer a membership?
We do! It’s a sliding scale membership, $100-150 a month for unlimited classes plus a discount on ticketed events.  Click on the membership link up top to purchase. If you can’t afford the monthly membership, no worries, just donate what you can each time you take a class.

Is there a dress code?
Bottoms required, tops optional for all genders.

Who is the founder of Baby Cobra?
A small dog named Teemo and his pet human Spencer.

Where can I send my feedback and/or suggestions?
We love feedback! Message us at manager@bbcobra.com

I would like to teach or host an event at Baby Cobra.  Who should I contact?
Email your ideas to manager@bbcobra.com

Contact Info
General Inquiries: manager@bbcobra.com
Founder: spencer@bbcobra.com

Insta: @baby.cobra.yoga

Baby Cobra Yoga
47 Thames St #206
Brooklyn, NY 11237